Zion is officially fighting the league with video evidence

Valais officially launched the league

Sion publishes “Best Of” wrong referee decisions

FC Sion feel really annoyed by the referees in the championship. Now the club is on a confrontational course – releasing a video of alleged poor decisions against the team.


FC Sion released a statement on Tuesday – and sensed a conspiracy.

Zion President Christian Constantin is furious after the recent events in Basel. And drop out in an interview with Blick: “Our championship has been postponed!” CC stands in solidarity with its superstar Mario Balotelli, who caused a scandal with his finger scandal and Insta rage post.

The Valais club is now publishing a statement on its official channels. In particular, he is not at all satisfied with the referee in the Super League. Specific scenes are named. And the club is yet to hand over its own video evidence to show where Sion feels at a disadvantage.

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