Yeliz Koc: “Die Ochsenknechts”: Filming with her daughter without her consent

Earlier this year, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (30) accompanied his ex-girlfriend Yeliz Koc (28) to Thailand to take care of their daughter Snow (six months). Meanwhile, Mama Yeliz was on camera for the “Battle of the Reality Stars” format. Sweet vacation photos the proud dad posted on social media showed the image of a harmonious family reunion. But now there is no trace of harmony. The reason: The former ‘Bachelor’ candidate has accused Jimi Blue of having his daughter filmed for the reality show ‘Dies Ochsenknechts’ during this time – without her permission.

In the video above, Yeliz Koc shows off little Snow Elanie’s face for the first time.

Yeliz Koc reportedly didn’t know about filming with Jimi Blue and Snow in Thailand

According to “”, the responsible production company B28 has already spoken and said that Yeliz was informed about the filming with her daughter and also signed the corresponding contract. Yeliz’s sister, Filiz Rose-Koc (35), who is also her manager, has now commented on the allegations. She insists that Yeliz was unaware of the shooting.

“Why didn’t we ask Yeliz?” asks Feliz Koc-Rose

In their joint “Bad Boss Moms” podcast, Yeliz’s sister pointed out, “There was no permission to tour with Snow in Thailand. And there was no contract at the time.” The deal with the production company only came after the trip to Thailand, i.e. in early February, when Yeliz found out she could be seen in the show’s trailer.

The program “Dies Ochsenknechts” about the head of the family Natascha Ochsenknecht (57) has been broadcast on the pay channel Sky since mid-February.

For Feliz Koc-Rose, it is incomprehensible that little Snow was simply filmed: “Yeliz has sole custody – why weren’t you asked in advance and made to sign a declaration of consent?”, s asks the manager. If Yeliz had known about the shooting with her daughter, Feliz continued, her sister would have told her and her mother. The 28-year-old was like a “helicopter mom” before competing on “Battle of the Reality Stars.”

Production company counters: “We have negotiated a contract”

The production company said a few days ago that it informed the influencer about the project. Stints with Snow were introduced to Yeliz via her sister and manager Filiz Rose-Koc prior to airing. “We have a contract for permission to shoot Jimi with Snow in Thailand,” he told

Additionally, Yeliz reportedly received a five-figure payout for filming with her daughter. Yeliz doesn’t deny it either. But she didn’t get the money until after, she pointed out in her podcast — after finding out Jimi was touring with Snow.

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