World Cup: World Cup boycott polarizing – ‘I watch every game’


Football World CupWorld Cup boycott polarizes – ‘I watch every game’

Human rights abuses, homophobia and dead workers: accusations against Qatar cloud expectations at the World Cup, 20 minutes community is divided: to boycott or not? Which fan camp do you belong to?


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  • The World Cup in Qatar is fast approaching.

  • However, political circumstances dampened the joy of the upcoming great event.

  • We asked the 20 Minutes community: are you watching or boycotting the World Cup?

November 20, 17:00, Qatar vs. Ecuador: The World Cup kicks off in days, but criticism of the host desert nation is dampening expectations. with heavy allegations of human rights violations, countless dead workers and lived homophobia Political content overshadows sports discussion. Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter is also looking forward to football, determines the valuation after Qatar but subsequently as a “mistake”.

According to sociologist Ueli Mäder, many are like Sepp Blatter. “Many fans are undecided. Some fear that the World Cup in Qatar will cover up and legitimize a lot of injustice.” They would criticize Qatar for not being a rule of law and violating human rights. They say the award should have been prevented and the boycott started earlier.

“On the other hand, others hope that public attention will make the situation in Qatar more transparent and humane,” says Mäder. Many would feel guilty watching the World Cup. That’s why I’d rather not. I know very few fans who don’t care at all that Qatar is the host.

Because of this polarization, we asked the 20 Minutes community: Are you watching or boycotting the World Cup?

“The World Cup gives me the best memories of my life”

“I am extremely happy,” writes JF* (23). “I am aware of the negative arguments, but Fifa and the World Cup have given me the best moments and memories of my life as a football fan.” TS* (29) also overlooks the criticism: “I watch every game.”

The love of sports also prevails among other readers. “Football is my passion. The tournament cannot be missed. The best players in the world will be playing,” says BW*. “It’s not the players’ fault,” writes JF* (59), “I would be extremely upset if Switzerland became world champions and I wasn’t there.”

For many, the boycott comes just as late. “It’s a shame that this could even happen,” writes SH* (33). “Unfortunately, not watching the tournament now doesn’t help anyone. Also for SS* (38) and JA* (25) discussion is unnecessary. “The money has already been spent and the stadiums have been built so you can watch the World Cup,” says S.* “It’s tragic and inhumane what happened, but the dead don’t come back like that,” writes J. *

“Of course I will boycott this madness”

Not everyone shares these views. “Of course I’m going to boycott this madness,” writes an anonymous reader. The award is not justifiable for him. “Instead of hosting the World Cup in a football-mad country with the existing infrastructure, tons of money are being thrown out the window and countless lives are being sacrificed. It’s a shame.” Reader LS * (33) also has no understanding of the prevailing expectations: “This is totally gaga. Is beach volleyball in Antarctica next?

Even seasoned football fans are turning away from the tournament with a heavy heart: “I love football and watch practically every match at major tournaments. But Qatar? I never thought it would ever happen, but I’m boycotting, »said DB* (30). The limit was also reached for LG* (26) and BK* (62). “I’ve been a football fan since I was little, but when you’re with Qatar, you have to have a guilty conscience,” writes L.* “It’s not the football I love,” says B.*

*Name known to editors

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