World Cup in Qatar: Comedian gives David Beckham an ultimatum

Updated 11/15/2022 at 4:45 p.m

  • The World Cup in Qatar is currently under criticism – homosexuality is a criminal offense in the country.
  • Considered a gay icon, David Beckham is an ambassador for the sporting nation.
  • The British comedian is now giving Beckham an ultimatum.

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ultimatum for David Beckham. Joe Lycett will shred £10,000 – and symbolically Beckham’s status as a gay icon – if the ex-footballer does not step down from his position as ambassador for the controversial World Cup in Qatar by Sunday’s opening match. The comedian and presenter made the announcement via Twitter.

David Beckham is the ambassador of the sports nation of Qatar from 2021. He is said to collect ten million pounds (approx. 11.5 million euros) annually for his commitment. The World Cup in the emirate is controversial not only because of the exploitation of many workers in the construction of the stadiums, but also because homosexuality is a crime in the country.

Beckham was proud of his gay fans

David Beckham is considered an idol in the LGBTQ community. The former star footballer was one of the first footballers to give interviews to gay magazines and was proud of his gay fans. And he married the Spice Girl, Victoria. For comedian Lycett, “the gayest thing a man can do”.

If Beckham backs down, Joe Lycett wants to donate 10,000 pounds (about 11,383 euros) to organizations that promote homosexuality. Of course, Lycett knows that destroying cash is illegal. “But I still get out of it easier than jerking a guy in Doha,” he jokes.

The self-confessed bi- and pansexual comedian is known in the UK for his advertising campaigns. When fashion company Hugo Boss sued a small pub called Boss Brewing for naming rights infringement, Lycett temporarily changed the name to Hugo Boss.
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