World Cup 2022: Khalid Salman defends himself after homophobic remarks


Qatar 2022Qatar World Cup ambassador defends himself after homophobic comments

Ambassador and former football player to Qatar Khalid Salman has spoken again. He said that his statements in the ZDF interview were “taken out of context”.

Khalid Salman’s controversial statement in the video.

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It’s about it

  • World Cup venue and former national football player Khalid Salman spoke.

  • He again referred to his statements to homosexuals.

  • He said they were “taken out of context”.

Qatar World Cup ambassador and former national soccer player Khalid Salman has described them as “taken out of context” after the furore surrounding his declaration of homosexuality as an alleged “mental impairment”. He regrets that his statements were taken out of context, Salman tweeted on Wednesday. “Everyone is welcome in Qatar, but our religion and culture will not change for the World Cup.”

In an interview with ZDF, Salman said that during the World Cup “many things will come to the country – let’s talk about gays, for example”. Even if they can come to Qatar, they would have to “accept our rules” there. Being gay is Haram And so banned, said the former footballer. “It’s mental damage. At this point, according to ZDF, the conversation was interrupted by a spokesperson for the World Cup organizing committee.

Compared to 20 minutes Roman Heggli, CEO of Pink Cross: «Not even two weeks before the World Cup, the official ambassador of the World Cup went on a rampage against queer people. It’s absolutely shocking. “Unfortunately, this is not surprising. Shows how dishonest the alleged guarantees are FIFA If only LGBTIQ people weren’t persecuted during the World Cup.

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