“World Beer Awards”: These are the best beers in the world – including a Swiss brewery

Like many things in life, beer is primarily a matter of taste. While beer from St. Gallen brewery Schützengarten for someone The best Swiss beer others derogatorily refer to it as «Sagittarius puddle». The spirit of the canton should also play its role. You can also use your knowledge of beer im Quiz prove.

If the experts at the “World Beer Awards” have their way, the case is clear. After countless blind tastings, beer connoisseurs selected the winners in each of the nine categories. The European continent is particularly well represented, with six of the nine awards going to countries such as Germany, Belgium and the UK. And Switzerland is also represented: the Schützengarten brewery took first place in the “Best wheat beer” category with its “Weizen-Eisbock” beer. Below are the winners in each category:

Beer has accompanied mankind for thousands of years. Archaeological findings show that the Sumerians brewed beer in what is now Iran more than 5,000 years ago. Until the Middle Ages, beer, drunk by virtually all ages and demographics, was much weaker than most styles today and was often drunk in place of water. Unlike water, which is often polluted and infested with diseases, beer is boiled before fermentation, killing bacteria and other possible pathogens.

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