With Alexander Klaws: So kam “Die Passion” bei den Fans an

Alexander Klaws (38) and Co. were they able to join the spectators “Passion” to convince? On Wednesday evening, a unique TV spectacle took place in Essen in front of around 5,000 viewers: RTL reinterpreted the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, the live event was not particularly well received online – quite the contrary. Viewers found the whole thing extremely uncomfortable. But how was born “La Passion” with the celebrity flash-Readers?

the celebrity flash-The readers were apparently much more merciful than the network community. A poll shows that the big event was not so badly received. Out of a total of 6,504 voters, a slim majority of 52.8% felt the story was well implemented – 47.2%, on the other hand, were stunned.

Under a post on instagram some users did not understand the criticism of “The Passion” at all. “Really, really great cinema. Really great” or “I was more than skeptical at first and just wanted to take a look to have my say. In the end, I was totally captivated and emotionally touched. I did not expect this in my life”, enthused some netizens.

Alexander Klaws and Mark Keller as Jesus and Judas in “The Passion – Live”
The actors of “La Passion – Live” on RTL
Reiner Calmund and Alexander Klaws on “La Passion – Live”

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