Wine expert on Salt-Bae Bill: “The prices are completely over the top!”

Wine expert at 160,000 francs from Salt Bae

“Prices are completely overpriced”

The noble butcher Salt Bae (39) recently boasted on Instagram about the bill from his restaurant for exactly 160,000 Swiss francs. Guests paid CHF 129,000 for the wine alone. Absolutely beyond measure, says Blick wine expert Tobias Gysi.


Turkish star restaurant influencer and classy butcher Salt Bae (39) charges exorbitant prices in his restaurants.

Turkish star restaurateur, influencer and classy butcher Salt Bae (39), whose real name is Nusret Gökçe, is facing a storm of indignation on social networks.

The reason: a classy butcher recently boasted on Instagram that his restaurant had billed the equivalent of 160,000 francs. Not at all, find his followers.

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