Will it ruin everything? A bitter setback for him and Camilla

“It’s unfortunate for Charles and Camilla”

On the one hand, there’s the awkward “Tampon-Gate,” now remade in “The Crown,” but King Charles III. and Queen Consort Camilla are not too thrilled about the beginnings of their relationship and Diana’s historic BBC interview (Your quote “Well, there were three of us in our marriage. That was a bit much.” still a topic of conversation today) to the tragic horror crash and Diana’s death. Even royal expert Craig Prescott is certain, as he revealed in an interview with the German Press Agency:

For the king and the royal consort, yes unhappy, that it was at the beginning of his reign in these years that ‘The Crown’ coincidentally arrived and the subject of ‘Charles Diana Camilla’ came up.

Whether King Charles III. and Queen Consort Camilla to watch the new season of The Crown? RTL nobility expert Michael Begasse is sure: Yes! “Of course they’re looking. But if they’re watching, they’ll probably have a strong gin and tonic in hand. And above all, by holding hands, because they were going through this period together. Back then, dirt was thrown at the British royal families every day. It’s going to be super exciting.” he says. Whether Charles, Camilla and the other royals see it that way is debatable…

Used sources: German news agency, RTL

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