Wildecker Herzbube Wilfried Gliem had eight operations due to the leg drama

Wilfried Gliem was in hospital for 13 weeks

OP drama about Wildecker Herzbuben

Wilfried Gliem finally wants to return to the scene. Wildecker Herzbube has been struggling with an open wound on his foot for weeks and has been in hospital for 13 weeks. The singer even needed a skin transplant.


Wilfried Gliem (right), here with Wolfgang Schwalm, has had health problems with his leg for weeks.

Wilfried Gliem (76) has been struggling with his health for over three months, he is currently unable to walk and is bedridden. “It started with a small gash between the heel and the ankle. My doctor said the leg ulcer needs treatment. That’s when I came to the hospital for the first time,” says singer Wildecker Herzbuben to “Bildu”. The German pop duo has been forming since 1990 together with Wolfgang Schwalm (68).

A long drama ensued. The musician was diagnosed with a chronic wound on his left leg, called Ulcus Cruris. Since June, he spent 13 weeks in the hospital almost non-stop. He had to undergo the operation a total of eight times.

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