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The two coronaviruses have been available in Austria for approximately six months. The 66-year-old man refused to take it with devastating consequences.

The number of newly infected people with the coronavirus in Austria has again stabilized at the lower limit since mid-October. It seems that the autumn wave and with it the danger is over – but it is not. A Viennese has now experienced it firsthand.

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An unvaccinated 66-year-old man was infected with the coronavirus. His CT score: 25. Due to his previous illnesses – diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart disease (CHD) – the patient was advised to take the Covid drug Paxlovid. He refused. “For whatever reason,” lung specialist Arshang Valipour, head of the Covid department at the Floridsdorf clinic, describes the case on Twitter.

With shortness of breath in the intensive care unit

What followed should come as no surprise. The man suffered shortness of breath shortly afterwards and was immediately taken to hospital by ambulance. There was lung failure, as the specialist writes. Not only was incubation necessary, but also the prone position for better ventilation in the intensive care unit.

“After three years of the pandemic! Avoidable,” says Valipour. At the same time, there is an online comparison of healthy lungs and a patient with Covid 19. A strong change in the lung tissue can be seen. “Paxlovid and Lagevrio are several approved drugs for a potentially fatal disease,” the doctor explains in another tweet.

Pills for a severe course

In fact, both Covid drugs have been approved in Austria for several months and are explicitly recommended – especially for patients from risk groups. “My request: Risk groups (especially vaccinated) should use the option of antiviral therapy in case of infection! Ideally within 5 days.”

Both drugs require a prescription, but can be prescribed by your family doctor or even via the health hotline 1450 in Vienna. “It is now a fact that, thanks to vaccinations and antivirals, we rarely encounter these very severe cases.”

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