When the body does not tolerate its own sperm

Most men consider their orgasm to be pleasurable. However, for some, experiencing their peak comes with discomfort because they suffering from POIS disease.

What is POIS syndrome? The acronym POIS stands for Post-orgasm syndrome. It is a disorder of the organism, when the sufferer po Ejaculation with flu-like or allergy-like symptoms such as fever, exhaustion, headache or sore throat. Symptoms appear immediately after ejaculation or up to several hours afterwards and can between two to seven days last pro. Then the symptoms suddenly stop.

Flu symptoms from own semen – what is POIS syndrome?

It does not matter whether the person ejaculates through masturbation, intercourse or so-called wet dreams, but the symptoms would occur in 90 percent of the orgasms experienced by the sufferer. Therefore People with disabilities often keep their sex lives to a minimum or avoid it altogether. The disease, which was only discovered by research about 20 years ago, is very rare. Estimates are about one in a million men disabled.

Die causes diseases are still largely unexplored. According to scientists, one already exists theory, which could explain the appearance of POIS. The largest study to date, examining 45 affected Dutch people, suggests that POIS s autoimmune reaction against the body’s own seminal fluid related. Test subjects were injected with a diluted solution of their own semen and then given an allergy test, which was positive in 88 percent of study participants. Symptoms would allergic reactions type I and type IV compliance.

so far it is no medicine known for POIS. However, various experimental treatments have already been used to improve the situation. Either Serotonin reuptake inhibitors, benzodiazepines, and immunotherapy are reportedly being used to treat the condition, which is not yet fully understood.

There is currently no known cure for POIS

However, according to a new case study, doctors from Oakland University School of Medicine (USA) are in one Einzelfall succeeded in freeing the sufferer from 90 percent of his symptoms. The 27-year-old suffered from a cough, a runny nose, a runny nose and a rash on his forearm after ejaculation. After examinations, he was a patient Antihistamine Fexofenadine administered. Drug thing also for hay fever treatment could suppress an allergic reaction to his semen.

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