“What on earth did they do?”

Bitter criticism

A few weeks ago, it became known: Harry and Meghan should receive a prestigious award. In a few days, they will be presented with the “Ripple of Hope” award, given annually by the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation. According to the organization, the award honors figures from politics, business, activists and the entertainment industry who advocate for social change. The fact that, in addition to Volodymyr Selensky, Harry and Meghan were also awarded this year, it already caused a lot of criticism in advance. And now an expert has spoken, who also cannot understand the decision at all.

Professor David Nasaw, who wrote a book about John F. Kennedy, finds clear words.

I find it somewhere between downright ridiculous and downright grotesque.

Like many other critics, he agrees Harry and Meghan haven’t done anything yet, which should bring them such an award. “When you look at who else has won the Robert Kennedy Award — Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Bishop Desmond Tutu — you have to wonder: what are Harry and Meghan doing there?“, he complains. He asks the question:

What on earth did they do to deserve this? What percentage of Harry and Meghan’s wealth goes to charity?

In fact, Harry and Meghan regularly donate through their Archewell Foundation Money to organizations whose causes are important to them they are. And Harry has just announced that he also wants to donate some of the proceeds from his biography “Spare”. However, it is not known how much of their private property they also donate. In any case, Nasaw draws a bitter conclusion. That part of the Kennedy family”with the British royal family” would not be in the sense of Robert F. Kennedy, the expert is convinced. AND bad blow for harry and meghan!

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