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Wetten that the Swiss are responsible for some of the craziest TV moments on “Wetten, dass…?” are they responsible? We selected five pearls. Great, the bet is on!

Sibylle the Leaping Cow

Farmer Bruno Isliker bets that he can milk his cow Sibylle and then jump several obstacles with her. Highlight: balancing the glass of milk he just milked in his hand without spilling it. Spoiler: Bruno and Sibylle manage the course brilliantly, and in the end there is enough milk in the glass for Bruno Isliker to drink it to his ex and present his milk mustache with a mischievous smile.

Which bets excite you this time?

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On Saturday, November 19, 2022, “Wetten, dass…?” back to screens. Live from 20:15 on SRF 1.

Ratespiel with 50 necklines

Basel project manager Stefanie Schmid bets that she can recognize 50 friends by their cleavage. The women stand behind the wall, Stefanie Schmid sees only fragments. “I tried to remember everything: the texture and color of the skin, the birthmarks, the collarbones,” she says of preparing for the competition. She wins a bet that also has a social background: Stefanie Schmid and her friends use it to raise money to donate to the Cancer League for the prevention of breast cancer.

Köbi Schwitter, lungs

Köbi Schwitter appeared in “Wetten dass..?” a total of 6 times. happened This is a record. And every time, his lungs are his main betting tool. Bottles on a bed, a water bed or a balloon through a 6-kilometer hose: he inflated and burst it all.

When a ski racer rakes

Paul Accola is best known as a successful ski racer. However, he is remembered not only for his victory in the overall World Cup in 1992, but also for his performance in “Wetten dass…?”. There he will complete a course with a digger, faster than one of the best digger drivers Menzi Muck. That makes him the betting king of the night.

99 year old military bike vs. racing bike

Actually, they sound like clear requirements: An old Swiss military bike against a modern racing bike. Daniel Markwalder, project manager in the field of metal and facade constructions, against professional cyclist Jens Voigt. And yet the Swiss manages “Wetten dass ..?” surprise: He wins the 200 meter race over his opponent.

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