Was he blackmailing the queen for Camille?

Was Charles blackmailing Queen Elizabeth II for Andrew?

That the book of revelation is not only about King Charles III. going it alone and instead revealing all sorts of juicy details – including, for example, Charles and Diana’s sex life – is nothing new. However, Andersen also presents a strong theory in his book that sheds a different light on the new king: He allegedly blackmailed Queen Elizabeth II – because of Prince Andrew!

Accordingly, King Charles III. threatened his mother to vote against the million-dollar deal between Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre unless the Queen publicly announced that Camilla would become Queen Consort. Prince Andrew has admitted that Virginia, who accused him of having sex with her when she was just 17, Pay $13 million. He managed to avert a public trial. It’s just stupid that Andrew didn’t have that much money himself and depended on his family’s financial support.

As King Charles III. he realized that the settlement would come from his future inheritance if he did so to Queen Elizabeth II a bitter ultimatum they asked!

Her Majesty hesitated until Charles apparently pulled his ace up his sleeve,

writes Andersen, referring to insiders.

It was an offer the Queen couldn’t refuse, because if Charles broke Andrew’s agreement with Giuffre, it would mean another scandal for the royal family…

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