War in Ukraine: Russian ministry plays down allegations against soldiers

Russia has recently suffered high losses in the war in Ukraine. In a rare statement, the Ministry of Defense has now denied either of those reports.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Russian insiders report heavy losses on various fronts.
  • The Marine Brigade wrote a letter complaining about the tactics.
  • In a rare reaction, the Ministry of Defense is now commenting on the matter.

In the war in Ukraine, reports of heavy casualties among Russian armed forces are piling up. Now, in an extremely rare reaction, the Ministry of Defense has responded to the accusations of its own Pacific Fleet. And he downplays his own sacrifices.

The 155th Marine Infantry Brigade wrote a letter complaining about the actions of their commanders. The unit reportedly lost 300 soldiers in the war in Ukraine in a matter of days due to a “senseless offensive” in Pavlivice.

According to the “Institute for the Study of War (ISW)”, the Ministry of Defense reacted coldly to the allegations. It said in a statement that less than 1 percent of the affected brigade was lost in the offensive. The number of injured is said to be less than seven percent.

Considering the “high Ukrainian losses” during the maneuver, this is justifiable. The brigade’s representation was “exaggerated”. One can even imagine that the lawsuit was written by agents of the Ukrainian secret service.

500 recruits in the war in Ukraine armed only with shovels

Just yesterday, an informant in the Russian magazine “Viorstka” made serious accusations against the leadership of the army. Last week, more than 500 recently mobilized men were reportedly sent to their deaths as cannon fodder. According to the recruit, they were literally “massacred” within 72 hours. Only 41 survived, 12 injured.

Men from central Russia were unloaded at the front near Svatov in the Luhansk region to dig trenches. However, they were given only one shovel per battalion and no guns. They dug around her with their knives.

Are you scared of the war in Ukraine?

The withdrawals were also within range of Ukrainian artillery. When it started burning, the officers are said to have immediately created a dust.

His battalion tried to anchor in the bombed terrain. “But the drones noticed us immediately and just kept shooting at us,” the whistleblower said.

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