War in Ukraine: Putin’s adviser Aleksander Dugin calls for the assassination of the Russian president

After withdrawing from the southern Ukrainian regional capital of Kherson, Aleksander Gelyevich Dugin, who is considered a close adviser to Putin, suggested in a Telegram post that the Russian president should be overthrown and even killed in the humiliating defeat. According to a British newspaper «The mirror’ has failed Putin. The Twitter account “Wartranslated” shared an English version of the post.

The philosopher quoted a story from The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by Scottish anthropologist James Frazer. In it, a king is killed for neglecting rain during a drought.

The far-right nationalist is among a growing group of Moscow elites who see the withdrawal of Russian troops from all parts of Kherson as a massive blow to Russian pride and an embarrassing betrayal of the Kremlin. Every “real Russian” should be mourning now because Russia “gave up Kherson”. No more can be given up, and therefore from his point of view the “limit has been reached”. Anyone who is not angry about the current situation “is not Russian,” says Dugin.

He is said to have since deleted his Telegram post, according to the “Mirror”. On the page of the Russian TV channel «Cargrad », his report is still online in an abbreviated version.

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