Vollbrecht is defeated in court and appeals

Trans activists have accused Marie-Louise Vollbrecht of denying Nazi crimes. The District Court in Cologne banned it, but has now reversed its own decision. The biologist’s lawyer is appealing.

Marie-Luise Vollbrecht, PhD candidate at the Institute for Biology at the Humboldt University of Berlin, speaking to an audience in July.

Bernd von Jutrczenka / DPA

Biologist Marie-Luise Vollbrecht has to accept this when she is accused of denying Nazi crimes. This is the essence of the recent judgment of the Cologne Regional Court. The chamber’s ruling reversed its own emergency ruling from August, in which it initially agreed with Vollbrecht, who objected to the allegations.

The accusation that Vollbrecht denies Nazi crimes was leveled at her on Twitter. There has been a biased and vicious battle between different camps on this platform for a long time – trans activists on one side and their critics on the other. Vollbrecht has been targeted by trans activists for months. She also expresses herself clearly, criticizing, for example, the removal of genitalia from twelve-year-old children. Her tweet on the subject was the starting point that led first to the debate and now to the court’s decision.

Vollbrecht doubted that trans people were systematically persecuted by the Nazis, pointing out that this claim mocks the actual victims of the Holocaust. It was inferred that she denied Nazi crimes against trans people. Her tweet: “I hate this story. It mocks the real victims of Nazi crimes.”

In summary proceedings, she made it clear that she does not deny the crimes committed under National Socialism, including transsexuals, and that she deeply hates them as a whole. She only pointed out that there are “very significant differences, undisputed by serious historians, between the Shoah, the industrialized mass murder of European Jews simply because of their ethnicity, and the fate of all other groups of victims of the nat. socialist tyranny”.

The lawyer admonishes the media

The regional court in Cologne ruled that the statement, which was circulated using the hashtag #MarieLeugnetNS-Kribel, must be accepted as a fundamentally protected expression of opinion because there was a “core of facts”. In her statement, she denied that transsexuals were victims of Nazi crimes. Her subsequent explanation did not change the understanding and they were not yet in the world at the time in question.

The 28th Citizens’ Senate ruled on Wednesday that Vollbrecht must endure the “memorable and strong formulations” of her critics. In its summary decision at the end of August, the court acknowledged that the accusation of denying Nazi crimes violated Vollbrecht’s personality rights.

Vollbrechts lawyer Ralf Höcker has announced that he will appeal the decision. “As they feared, the verdict will mean that the internet mafia and even the supposedly reputable media will go one step further and falsely accuse the client of Holocaust denial, even though she claimed the exact opposite, that the Shoah, the industrialized mass murder of Jews, was a singular crime , which cannot be compared to the persecution of homosexual trans people in particular,” Höcker told NZZ on Saturday. He had already warned the media that attributed to Vollbrecht Holocaust denial. He doesn’t do that now.

Vollbrecht became nationally known this summer when Humboldt University in Berlin canceled a lecture she had given because activists reported protests against her. The title of the contract read: “Sex is not the same sex. Sex, gender and why there are only two sexes in biology”. It was planned as part of the “Long Night of Science”. This popular science event attracts large audiences and many families to Berlin every year.

Thirty-two-year-old Vollbrecht is a PhD student at Humboldt University, where she is working on a PhD in marine biology. After it was revealed that the lecture was completely harmless and the cancellation was hasty, she was allowed to make up for it. In the meantime, far more people have seen it on YouTube than the original event ever could.

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