“Vip, Vip Hooray!” : the love story of Mats Hummels with three women

Britney Spears is pregnant, J.Lo and Ben Affleck say yes, just like Dieter Hallervorden and Mats Hummels. “Vip, Vip Hooray!” – the weekly recap of the stars is here.

Sometimes the rumor roars so much that there is not much left and it overflows. This week, the sparrows not only whistled happily from the rooftops, but especially happily on Twitter. On the one hand, there is a secret source who wants to know that RTL veteran Nazan Eckes would leave the station. It is quite possible, one might think. The popular presenter may want to take a new direction, recently she had to carry a heavy package, especially in private. Eckes lost his beloved father to dementia.

Curiously, however, RTL knows nothing of an imminent dismissal and denies any information: “There are very specific plans for a big theme party with her and for a series of interviews that we are currently working on with Nazan.” And even Eckes himself speaks. Even if it will end the exclusive cooperation with RTL and give up its Extra program. “However, there are ideas to set up joint projects with RTL beyond the end of 2022 on a completely new basis,” she adds.

There are also rumors about her: Britney Spears. But in order to avoid any speculation about the pregnancy, the 40-year-old herself announced that she was expecting her first child with her fiancé. Spears is already a mother of two sons. Happiness seems perfect and with it Sam Asghari the megastar has finally found the right partner.

Dieter Hallervorden dares again

Dieter Hallervorden proves you’re never too old for a new love. The actor has had a happy relationship since 2015, now he and his partner Christiane Zander want to take the next step and walk down the aisle. Hallervorden’s 86-year-old age is by no means noticeable. The comedian looks fit as a fiddle and that’s definitely down to love keeping him young.

Fun fact on the side: his future fourth wife was a stuntwoman. Of course, there are also bad voices because Zander is 30 years younger than Hallervorden. But many fans are happy for the cult happy nature, which made millions of viewers laugh with its sketches in the 70s. For example, one sympathizer wrote: “You don’t have to spend your old age solving problems. crossword puzzles and watering geraniums.

And another couple will soon be sailing into the happy port of marriage: Jennifer Lopez has announced her engagement to Ben Affleck. The actress reveals intimate details about the app. Meanwhile, the 52-year-old lay in the tub: “Saturday night when I was in my favorite place on earth (in the bubble bath), my handsome lover got down on his knees and kissed me. I was completely off guard and only saw him smiling and crying in your eyes trying to rack my brains about what’s happening again after 20 years. I was literally speechless and he said “is that a yes? I said YES, of course it’s a YES.” Jen’s engagement ring: a pretty piece of jewelry, probably very rare, with a green diamond, estimated at the modest sum of three million dollars.

Mats Hummel’s love story entertained

The fun of the week for many fans is the relationship chaos surrounding football star Mats Hummels and his wife, presenter Cathy Hummels. The athlete’s love life has been the subject of such heated discussions on Twitter that the topic has occasionally trended and topped the Twitter charts, which even amused Hummels, 33: “A compliment to Twitter! I really had to laugh to tears yesterday for the great tweets!”

Short version of what happened: Influencer Céline Bethmann had a date with the footballer and posted a photo of his meal on Instagram with the caption: “Dinner Date”. She had asked the professional footballer in advance if he was single, which he agreed to. But Hummels is still married to Cathy, though dark clouds hang over the marriage and split rumors continue to swirl. The dating confusion is over when a table tennis player reports that she also thinks she has a relationship with the BVB player.

Hummels’ love affair with women not only keeps the tabloids on their toes, but also provides amusement, especially on social media. For example, one Twitter user amusingly writes of the Hummels-Causa: “I am in favor of Mats Hummels becoming the new Family Minister, as he seems to know all the family constellations.” Until next week!

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