Victoria of Sweden: Blonde hair, beard and rich: this is what happened to her ex

On June 19, 2010, Victoria (44) and Daniel from Sweden (48) said yes at their romantic dream wedding at the Nikolaikirche in Stockholm. The love story of the couple of crown princesses was crowned by the birth of their two children Estelle (10 years old) and Oscar (6 years old). However, before Victoria found love happiness with Daniel, she had other relationships. At 19, the daughter of King Carl Gustaf (75) would have attended Svante Tegnér for a short time, as reported by the agency “Dana Press”. But who is the handsome blonde who once won Victoria’s heart? Svante Tegnér not only had an impressive career, but also found happiness in love. This is what Crown Princess Victoria’s ex-boyfriend looks like today!

Attractive family man: Learn more about Victoria from Swedish ex-boyfriend Svante Tegnér in the video above.

Victoria of Sweden: superb generational photo with Estelle & Carl Gustaf

One day, Victoria of Sweden will succeed her father King Carl Gustaf on the throne. After her, it will finally be her daughter Estelle who will be crowned Queen of Sweden. However, it’s not that far yet. Together, the two heirs to the throne enjoy time with King Carl Gustaf, from whom they can learn a lot. A new photo from three generations shows the royal trio in official dress: while Carl Gustaf stands proudly alongside his successors, Victoria and Estelle shine in pompous dresses.

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