Verona Pooth: She complains of total damage in the millions

Author not yet identified, “but some investigative measures are still in progress”

Laura Hollmann, spokeswoman for the Düsseldorf prosecutor’s office, declined to comment on the amount. When questioned, the prosecutor merely confirmed that the burglars had not yet been identified. “But there are still ongoing investigations.” The spokeswoman for the authorities did not give further details.

According to information from FOCUS Online, an assessment of the DNA traces that forensic scientists had found at the crime scene is underway. The result is still pending. Photos from the surveillance camera also show the masked thieves, but analysis of the footage did not yield a resounding success.

Verona Pooth: ‘Emotional loss cannot be put into words’

Verona Pooth had disclosed many internal elements on the case via the newspaper “Bild”. The burglars allegedly stole old family jewelry from her mother. “Emotional loss cannot be expressed in words,” admitted Pooth. She was stunned and sad that all the jewelry was stolen. “We often imagine where it is.”

According to the entrepreneur, the jewelry that her husband Franjo (51) gave her for the wedding in Vienna was also stolen. This limited edition seems irrevocably lost. The financial loss, the old advertising model let it be known, will be limited because the insurance company will probably pay for the damage.

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