Vegan Nimal admits alcohol

Sparks fly with single “Bauer, single, sucht” Nimal and court lady Melina. Vegan is intimately familiar to the 24-year-old.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Single Nimal has not always had it easy in life.
  • The 30-year-old man struggled with alcohol addiction for years.

“Farmer, single, looking” vegan Nimal (30) and court lady Melina (24) are getting closer.

Towards the end of the Hofwoche, the native of Zurich wants to clean himself up. At the picnic, she finally tells the 24-year-old about her past.

Nimal was an alcoholic for eight years and has only been sober for two years. He ended his last relationship before the recall. “After ten years, I drew the line,” admits the animal-loving man in his thirties. He then moved to Bern and has been working at the Lebenshof ever since.

“Are you in shock?” Nimal wants to know from the lady of the court after the strip. “No,” he replies. “I can imagine there are reasons why you pick up the bottle – everyone has a vice.”

After this honest confession, nothing seems to stand in the way of love…

Do you also have a dark secret?

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