Vanessa Mai was only allowed to wear skirts in Silbereisen

Vanessa Mai settles scores with the world of hits. Reveals: There are strict rules on big TV shows. So she was forbidden to dress sexy.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Vanessa Mai chats from a sewing box in her new book.
  • The thirty-year-old does not leave a fine hair on the hit scene.

In her new book “I Do It Mai Way”, musician Vanessa Mai (30) settles scores with the hit industry.

In the NDR podcast “Deutschland 3000″ he chats from the sewing box. “There are a few people who have the system in their hands. It becomes problematic if you don’t play together.” He means, among others, Michael Jügens (55), manager Florian Silbereisen (41).

They would not only decide which artists would be allowed on the TV stage, but also what they would wear.

Singer: “I wasn’t allowed to wear ripped jeans or appear in a bathing suit. When I performed with Florian Silbereisen, I always had to wear a skirt. At one point I was very unhappy that I couldn’t do certain things the way I wanted.”

Today, Vanessa Mai has nothing to do with such big TV shows. “I’m glad I made it.

Do you like to dress sexy?

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