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Dutchman Vader Abraham became famous in 1977 as the performer of “The Smurf Song”.

For many, he was actually something of a second Papa Smurf: Vader Abraham, who sang in such wonderful harmony with the Smurfs in 1977. To his legendary question “Tell me, where are you from?” what follows is a kind of musical conversation with blue colored comic characters. You will learn all sorts of jokes about Schlumpfhausen and its inhabitants.

Of course, the squeaky smurf voices are also legendary, all of which, by the way, were recorded by Vader Abraham himself. The typical Schlumpf sound was created because the recordings were then remixed at different speeds.

Even in English it is smurfed

“‘T Smurfenlied,” as the song is originally titled, is based on the animated series “The Smurfs,” which was extremely popular in the late 1970s. The tune was translated into dozens of other languages ​​and became an international success. “Smurf Song” was also a top hit in the UK. No wonder! Every child in the world could and can instinctively sing along to the catchy La, la, la chorus.

When the Smurf song came out, Peter Kartner, Vader Abraham’s real name, was only 42 years old, but he already had a white, flowing beard. Whether it was real or not remains to be seen. In any case, he could compete with Santa Claus – and, of course, even more so with the real Papa Smurf. With “What’s going to happen, asks the smurf”, Vader successfully connected with Abraham again, but then the smurf was gone.

The small pub only became successful in German

Vader Abraham has been a star in the Netherlands since the early 1970s. He had a minor hit there in 1975 with “In ‘t Kleine café aan de Haven”. The song was sung by Peter Alexander a year later as “The Little Pub”. His version was the most successful single of 1976 in Germany and also reached number 1 in the Swiss charts.

Vader Abraham was also behind Ireen Sheer’s hit single “Tonight I have a headache”. While he continued to have hit after hit in the Netherlands until the 1990s, he became silent about him abroad. However, he was still a welcome guest on various television shows. He recently retired from the music industry. Vader Abraham died on November 8, 2022 at home in the Netherlands, according to his family.

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