USA: Three prison employees simply skipped a year

Party instead of work

Three prison employees just skipped a year

Three friends from New York just didn’t go to work. While they continued to collect wages, they took vacations or threw wild parties. Now they are going to court for it.


Three friends from New York, Steven C., Monica C., and Eduardo T., all employees of the city’s correctional system, did not want to work.

Three correctional professionals from New York, Steven C.*, 49, Eduardo T.*, 42, and Monica C.*, 36, faked illnesses and accidents for a year. They just didn’t want to work. He prefers to go to parties or vacations. They collected full wages for the entire time. City law enforcement officers are contractually entitled to unlimited sick leave. And they took advantage of that. The friends now have to answer in court for the insolent blues, as reported by the “New York Post”.

It all started in the spring of 2021. Steven C., who earns more than $160,000 a year, claimed he was suffering from side effects of the coronavirus vaccination. In doing so, he submitted more than 100 fake medical letters from various doctors at work.

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