US weapons within range of Russian supply route

After the capture of Kherson, the US will supply the necessary ammunition

Main Russian supply route within reach of Himaru

Since the capture of Kherson, Russia’s main supply network has been within range of weapons supplied to the Ukrainians by the US. Ukraine could now dare to attack – because the US is already supplying the relevant ammunition.


Ukrainians recently managed to free the port city of Kherson from Russian invaders.

This week, Vladimir Putin (70) suffered another defeat in the war in Ukraine: his troops withdrew from the strategically important port city of Kherson after fighting with the Ukrainians. Russian army chief Sergei Surovikin, 56, said on Wednesday that the withdrawal was being carried out to “preserve the lives of our soldiers and the combat capability of the troop group”.

For the Ukrainian armed forces, the withdrawal is a double success. Because with the conquest of Kherson, new opportunities for attack opened up for them. Near the front, there is now a land bridge, several logistics sites and ammunition depots for the Russians, according to “Newsweek”.

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