Ukrainians called to flee abroad because of the energy crisis

Stromchef warns of cold and deprivation – is a new wave of refugees coming?

Ukrainians should go abroad, otherwise the country will not survive the winter

Russian attacks destroyed half of Ukraine’s power grid. The first snow is here, temperatures below zero. Ukrainians must go abroad, a leading electricity operator is now warning. Otherwise the earth will not survive the winter.


Captured Russian tanks in Kiev – meanwhile, it’s winter in Ukraine with the first snow. Temperatures dropped below zero.

According to the Kyiv government, Russian missile attacks have destroyed roughly half of Ukraine’s energy resources. That’s when winter comes. Temperatures dropped below freezing. The first snow fell this week.

Millions of people live in darkness and freezing cold. According to President Volodymyr Zelensky (44), they are without electricity and heating due to Russia’s “energy terror”. For many people, it’s a matter of survival, warns the head of Ukraine’s largest private electricity supplier. It encourages people to flee abroad. Otherwise the earth will not survive the winter.

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