Ukrainian war: will there be a deadlock in the winter?


The Ukrainian flag is flying over Kherson again – but winter is approaching and raising questions.

As Ukrainian troops jubilantly hoist their national flag over Kherson after Russia’s full withdrawal, Western pundits are wondering whether the offensives will be halted for the coming winter or whether there will be some sort of stalemate as Russian troops are exhausted and the Dnieper River presents. a great challenge for both warring parties.

A winter break would be a given – especially for Russia. However, this would be fatal for Ukraine, as the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) writes in its daily report. While the defenders have scored a major victory—Ukrainian troops are already in the center of Kherson—a ceasefire would play into Russia’s hands. “A ceasefire would give the Kremlin much-needed relief to regroup Russian forces,” the report said.

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