UFC: Shanna Young cuts her hair to lose weight


Shanna YoungUFC fighter is too heavy at weigh-in – then reaches for scissors

Before each fight, the fighters weigh themselves. Anyone who is too heavy is not allowed to compete. Shanna Young weighed too much and resorted to desperate measures.

Dreads have to believe it.


Each martial arts bout is assigned a weight category. Fighters must not exceed the maximum weight, otherwise the fight is over before the first elevation gain. The upper limit is max. and sometimes it is only a few grams. This was also the case in the fight between Shanna Young (31) and Miranda Maverick (25) in the UFC.

The American Young was too heavy at the first weigh-in. She was a pound overweight, just under the prescribed 126 pounds (57.1 kilograms). It was a good thing for Young that there was a second weigh-in and she had so little time to shed the excess weight. Young then resorted to a familiar trick and sat in a mobile sauna to work up a little sweat.

Cut your hair and lose the battle

But even on the second attempt, the 31-year-old was too heavy. Still a full 0.25 pounds too much. What now? The American resorted to the supposedly last option. Without further ado, she had some dreadlocks cut off. She later posted a video of Young sitting in a mobile sauna getting a haircut.

The cosmetic intervention worked. At the third and final weigh-in, she met the requirement and was eligible to fight. She wrote on Instagram: “Today was fun. She lost weight, and for anyone who cares, nine dreads weigh 0.25 pounds.” The American won the weigh-in, but lost to Maverick in the ring. The judges gave the 25-year-old Maverick a unanimous decision.

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