Twitter suspended the astronomer’s account without proper explanation

She posted a video of Meteor

Twitter blocks astronomer for ‘intimate recordings’

Astronomer Mary McIntyre has been denied access to her Twitter account for three months. The reason: She allegedly recorded something intimate.


Twitter suspended the astronomer’s account for allegedly intimate content.

Astronomer Mary McIntyre from Oxfordshire in southern England posted a video of the phenomenon in the night sky in mid-August. On it you can see the ionization trail of the Perseid meteor. “Epic,” says the scientist.

But Twitter temporarily blocked her profile for twelve hours because of this video. Blocking reason: The content of the video is too “intimate”. He will only be able to access his account again if he deletes the video, according to the BBC. McIntyre did not do this because in her opinion she did nothing wrong and certainly did not record anything intimate.

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