Twitter is rolling out another tick for celebrities

After Elon Musk removed the “verified” check mark, it’s now coming back in a different form.Image: keystone

09/11/2022, 09:1809/11/2022, 12:15

Twitter is making another U-turn in reorganizing its verified accounts following Elon Musk’s takeover. There should now be two different types of verification symbols – one for subscription customers, the other for already verified accounts like celebrity and company accounts.

The familiar white checkmark on a blue background, which was previously reserved for users selected by Twitter, will in the future adorn the profiles of all subscribers who pay eight dollars a month.

The accounts of businesses, governments, media and celebrities should also be marked with the new symbol, Twitter announced Wednesday night. It’s a gray checkmark on a white background with the word “Official” added, according to a screenshot posted by a Twitter executive. But not all verified accounts would be labeled “official” today, she said.

Tech billionaire Musk has announced an overhaul of account verification as one of the first steps following his roughly $44 billion takeover of Twitter. He announced that existing verified account holders who do not want to pay eight dollars a month will lose their tickets in a few months.

Twitter later added another “official” tag. According to the screenshot, accounts can have both signs if they also pay a subscription fee.


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