TV star Jennifer Aniston tried unsuccessfully to become a mother for years

TV star Jennifer Aniston (53) breaks her silence

“I did everything to get pregnant”

She didn’t want children because of her career. This is what Jennifer Aniston had to listen to for decades. Now she clarifies it and reveals for the first time that she had herself artificially inseminated several times in vain.


Jennifer Aniston clears up speculation that she deliberately avoided children for her career.

Jennifer Aniston (53) guards her private life like a raw egg. Until now. After decades of pregnancy rumors and accusations that she was only focused on her career, she is now speaking out. The fact that the ‘Friends’ star has broken her silence is a release for her, she tells US magazine ‘Allure’, posing confidently in a 1996 Chanel bikini on the cover.

“I tried everything to get pregnant,” she says, adding: “While the media was speculating about the baby at the time, I went through several rounds of IVF and drank Chinese teas. I put everything on one card.” Attempts to have a child through artificial insemination were unsuccessful. Looking back, Aniston regrets not having a plan B. “Unfortunately, no one advised me to freeze my eggs at the time. I didn’t think of it myself. It’s too late, train he left.”

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