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I found the following costume jewelry in the archives today. When it comes to hip-hop, emcees and rap pioneers walk a fine line between cool and awkward.

“Who made this up?”

He is a pioneer in every field. The same goes for hip-hop, of course. “But who invented it?” – You guessed it. That’s Roger Schaw… No, Polo Hofer! Potatoes, potatoes…

The pioneer of Swiss dialect rock celebrated numerous successes with timeless hits such as “Kiosk”, “Rote Wy”, “Wyssebüehl”, “Alperose”, “Im letschte Tram”, “Blueme” or “Stilli Wasser”. Polo was not only a musician but also a poet, painter and actor. But how good were his rap skills? Polo National tried to prove it back in 1983. Judge for yourself.

Investigative professional Schmezer was once a music journalist?

Exactly. Before exchanging umbrellas for them in the “Kassensturz” event, Ueli Schmezer tried to explain the hip-hop phenomenon in the music show “Here we go”. Handy? Well, definitely very entertaining from today’s perspective. And Ueli Schmezer wasn’t too bad for a little rap gig either.

Eminem takes off

The rap superstar came to Switzerland in 1999. His first record «The Slim Shady LP» was released this year. It stayed in the US charts for 100 weeks. And that despite quite controversial lyrics. Eminem wasn’t completely rude in his SRF interview either.

The Birth of Bligg

A megastar today, Bligg was a rookie just over two decades ago. Along with his colleague Lexx, he freestyled Mona Vetsch, who had a fantastic hairstyle at the time, on “Oops!”.

“Yes, I’m at the top of the list. You must forgive me, but I love myself.”

Which musician besides Falco could attack the top of the charts with such narcissistic lyrics? none. With the release of “Der Kommissar” in 1981, Falco not only laid the foundation of his career, but was also the first Austrian musician to integrate elements of hip-hop music – especially typical rap – into his own work. A year later, Swiss television made Falco happy with his “raped” appearance on the Karussell show.

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