TV farmer Hans turtles with Olga in Spain

“Farmer, single, looking” farmer Hans tries his luck in love again. It could work out with the beautiful housekeeper Olga, she gets excited.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • Beautiful Olga turned the head of TV farmer Hans.
  • He is now visiting his landlady at her house in Spain.
  • And the two are fast becoming close…

The carousel of love is turning – will it work on the second try?

After the first week on the farm without a happy ending, “Farmer, single, looking” farmer Hans (67) sets off for Spain. Olga (40), whose farm week also ended unhappily, invited Appenzeller to the Costa del Sol.

The two only saw each other once. But the landlady really liked Hans. He is sitting on a plane for the first time in his life.

When he gets there, he is happy: “Now we’ll see, let’s not rush anything. But yes, it could be something.”

Olga is also very excited about the visit to Switzerland. “I was completely surprised to meet Hans again. She looks so great,” she enthused.

“Farmer, Single, Seeking” – Hans and Olga holding hands

Together they go to Olga’s house in the luxurious city of Marbella. There, Hans surprises his beloved with a gift: a saddle pad decorated with rhinestones. He hits the saddle with Olga – and is rewarded with a slap!

The blonde also has a surprise for the sixty-seven-year-old. Namely, a brand new parasol. However, the farmer must first assemble it himself. Once the gift is ready, they get cozy on the sunbeds underneath – and even hold hands!

Are you watching “Farmer, Single, Looking”?

“At the moment, as things stand today, I’m still very positive about the future,” enthuses Olga. OH la la!

Will the two get even closer under the Spanish sun? This is what the audience will see next week in “Bauer, singl, sucht”.

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