Turkish police describe the search and arrest of the bomber


Attack in IstanbulTurkey describes the hunt for the mysterious Ahlam Albashir

Within 10 hours, the terror squad viewed 1,200 surveillance cameras, arrested 48 suspects, searched 21 homes, and then captured Ahlam Albashir.

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Ahlam Albashir was arrested ten hours after the explosion in Istanbul.


After 48 other suspects were interviewed, they revealed their whereabouts.

After 48 other suspects were interviewed, they revealed their whereabouts.


The police raided there and managed to arrest the woman.  Video footage shows her being taken away.

The police raided there and managed to arrest the woman. Video footage shows her being taken away.


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  • The suspected bomber was arrested at 2 a.m. Monday.

  • By watching the video footage and questioning other suspects, their whereabouts were determined.

  • She was arrested during the raid and later confessed under interrogation.

The woman believed to be responsible for the Istanbul bombing was tracked down and arrested by a team of experts at 2am on Monday morning, about ten hours after the explosion. According to Turkish newspapers, records from 1,200 cameras were viewed, 21 house searches were conducted and 48 suspects were arrested. Hurriyet writes.

The counter-terrorism unit collected footage from all surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the attack and evaluated 1,200 recordings second by second. It turned out that the woman had placed the bomb in a flower pot on the street. She then quickly left the street and ran out of the compound to a taxi. She then took it to another part of the city. In this district, the police searched 21 houses and arrested 48 suspects – but the alleged bomber was not among them.

Clothes from the photos, a lot of money and a gun were found in the apartment

However, those arrested said he was staying in a residential building in another part of the city. A special task force then carried out a raid in which the suspect was caught before he even had a chance to draw his weapon, according to “Hürriyet”. A large amount of dollars, euros and gold was found in the house, as well as a loaded pistol and ammunition.

Camouflage pants, a scarf and shoes that the suspected bomber was wearing in security camera photos when she planted the bomb were also found. A Syrian woman named Ahlam Albashir was interviewed after a medical examination and admitted that she had been trained by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). She entered Turkey illegally and came to Istanbul because of the attack. According to the police, she received her “order” from the “PKK/YPG/PYD”.

The PKK, on ​​the other hand, denies the allegations

Both the PKK armed organization and its political wing, and the Syrian SDF military alliance led by the Kurdish YPG he emphatically denied the accusation. “Our people and the democratic public know very well that we have nothing to do with this incident, that we are not directly targeting civilians,” the PKK said. “We assure you that our forces have no connection with the explosion in Istanbul, and we reject the accusations against them,” said SDF commander Maslum Abdi.

Many questions remain unanswered

In the bombing of A busy shopping street six people were killed and 81 others were injured in the middle of Istanbul on Sunday afternoon. According to the police, the explosive device consisted of “highly effective TNT”.

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