Toni Söderholm new coach at SC Bern

Toni Söderholm as coach of the German national team at the World Cup in Finland.Image: keystone

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If SC Bern is looking for a new head coach immediately, Hockey Europe is excited. In the meantime, the fact leaked out: the German national team coach Toni Söderholm is taking over. Why doesn’t he actually deny it?

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Toni Söderholm has a past as a player in Bern. Between 2005 and 2007, the 44-year-old defended SCB for two years. In 2019, he became the national team coach in Germany, and in March he extended his contract until 2026. Actually, it can’t even be a problem.

However, a question for Toni Söderholm: Will you be the new coach in Bern? Instead of denying it, he just says he doesn’t comment on the rumours. But a firm, hearty “No” would settle the matter. He doesn’t want to force himself to say “No”.

A man with a sense of irony

The friendly Finn doesn’t want to completely rule out the possibility that he will train SCB against Gottéron on Saturday and says with satisfaction: “So I would have about two training sessions beforehand. Not much more than with the German national team before the German Cup…» Söderholm is a man with a sense of irony.

The SCB rumor probably stems from the fact that it was reported that SCB’s general office traveled to Germany over the weekend to look for a new head coach. And that Toni Söderholm has an exit clause in her contract. Since the difference between Euros and Francs is not that big anymore, it is unlikely – if true – that this is shopping tourism in Lörrach.

Of course, it ennobles the coach when he is said to be linked with SC Bern. And if Söderholm were to get out of his contract as national team coach, which runs until 2026, he would have to make sure that he earns more in two years in Bern than in four years as German national team coach. Which in itself could not be ruled out. And he said time and time again that he would like to coach in Switzerland.

“You know, Bern is Bern…”

Would he be suitable as SCB coach? It would be up to Raëto Raffainer and Andrew Ebbett to find out. And information could certainly be provided by Dominik Kahun, the German national striker in the SCB jersey.

The whole truth is probably in one sentence. Toni Söderholm also says: “You know, Bern is Bern…” In addition to English, she is also fluent in German.

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