Tomaso Trussardi reunited with former Giovanni Angiolini ab

“Sneak into a relationship in crisis”

Michelle Hunziker’s estranged husband settles scores with her former doctor

After marrying Tomas Trussardi, Michelle Hunziker dated Giovanni Angiolini for weeks. This angered the fashion entrepreneur, as he now reveals.


Tomaso Trussardi has commented on his wife Michelle Hunziker’s affair.

Tomaso Trussardi (39) is angry! In January of this year, he and Michelle Hunziker (45) announced their marriage. The Swiss presenter did not let anything burn after that and in March he started dating the Italian doctor Giovanni Angiolini (41). The two have never confirmed a relationship, but have been spotted flirting and kissing while on vacation. The love affair didn’t last long – the two are said to have split in August – but Trussardi isn’t in a good mood to talk to the doctor.

The fashion entrepreneur is now taking sharp shots against Angiolini. “I cannot consider a man who sneaks into a relationship with a married woman and mother of two little girls in a crisis as a decent person,” Trussardi said in an interview with the Italian daily Corriere. So if you believe Tomas Trussardi, Michelle Hunziker Angiolini met the fashion entrepreneur during their relationship.

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