“Throughout Poland they fear that the war will spread”

The impact of a missile from the Ukrainian war in Poland is unlikely to change Polish support for Kiev. But to strengthen his anti-Russian stance.


the essentials in a nutshell

  • A missile from the Ukrainian war killed two people in the Polish border area.
  • According to one expert, this is likely to increase anti-Russian sentiment in the country.
  • In addition, many residents are very worried that the war will spread to Poland.

On Tuesday evening, a rocket fell in the Polish village of Przewodów near the border with Ukraine, killing two people.

“There were two loud hisses,” eyewitnesses told the Polish newspaper “Fakt”. The impact on the farm destroyed the windows of nearby blocks of flats and cars.

First there was talk of a stray missile from the Russians after they heavily bombed Ukraine on Tuesday. However, there are now indications that it could have been a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile.

However, the impact on NATO territory causes high waves one way or another. Because even if the missile was launched from Ukraine, Poland and NATO blame Russia for it.

Expert: “Strengthens the anti-Russian stance”

“The missile impact will further strengthen the anti-Russian attitude in Poland,” agrees Russian expert Ulrich Schmid. Even before that, Poland was one of the staunchest opponents of Russia and unconditionally supported Ukraine in the war in Ukraine. “This support will not change,” says the professor from the University of St. Gallen.

The population is very concerned

The impact of the rocket caused fear among the residents. “People are very worried all over Poland and they are afraid that the war will escalate,” Schmid said.

Are you afraid of war in Ukraine?

Even eyewitness Stanislaw Ivanejko from Przewodów admits the “fact”: The incident shook the sense of security in the region. Ivanejko knew two men in their 60s who were killed in the explosion. “I went to school with one of them,” he says.

The war in Ukraine: NATO’s eagerly awaited response

NATO and G7 countries have called a crisis meeting on Wednesday morning over the incident. Although, according to Ulrich Schmid, NATO will hardly intervene directly in the Ukrainian war, the impact of the missile could have far-reaching consequences.

Security expert Albert Stahel says: “I would imagine that NATO will only now properly provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons.” It is even possible that NATO allies could now put more pressure on Germany for arms supplies. “Normal conditions can be restored in Europe only if the Russian armed forces are expelled from Ukraine,” Stahel said.

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