Three coaches missing: Big chairs in ‘The Voice of Germany’

Three coaches are missing
Large chair back to “The Voice of Germany”

In the upcoming season of “The Voice of Germany”, viewers will have to do without several familiar faces. In addition to moderator Lena Gercke, three coaches bid farewell. They are “taking a break this year,” he says.

Johannes Oerding and Nico Santos, like Sarah Connor, will no longer be seen in the twelfth season of “The Voice of Germany”. Officials announced it on the show’s Instagram page. The three are “taking a break this year,” the post read. Mark Forster should therefore remain the only coach of the eleventh season and also participate in the next one.

“Unfortunately, I can’t sit on one of the red chairs this year,” Oerding wrote on his Instagram account. He simply had “so many projects” planned for the coming months. In the summer he goes on his biggest open-air tour to date and Oerding is also working on new music. ‘TVOG’ has been an ‘incredible journey’ for the singer and that’s why he’s going into it ‘with a laughing and a crying eye’. Oerding can obviously imagine a later return. “No goodbye is forever,” he continues.

“It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to…”

The 40-year-old coached his candidate Sebastian Krenz to victory last December. “My first season ‘The Voice of Germany’ and the little dream that at the end I would be on top with my talent came true for me,” the singer said in a statement. Besides him, Connor, Santos, and Forster were also considered coaches in the eleventh season.

It was previously announced that Connor would not be returning as a coach for the upcoming twelfth season of music show ProSiebenSat.1. “It’s true, Sarah Connor is taking a break in the next #TVOG season,” a spokeswoman for “The Voice of Germany” confirmed on request. It is not yet known who will be in the new episodes in place of Connor, Oerding and Santos. “We will announce in due course which coaches will fill the red chairs in season twelve,” the spokeswoman said.

In addition, Lena Gercke had announced that she wanted to take a break. “It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to suspend moderation this year,” the 34-year-old went public on Instagram in late March.

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