This was Hans and Olga’s second farm week in Spain

“Farmer, single looking for…” -Olga chats as if from a box

This was a “Spanish” farm week with farmer Hans

“Bäumchen change you” in “Bauer, single, sucht…”: Karl’s lady-in-waiting Olga catches sight of Pi’s farmer Hans and he immediately packs up and visits his “Wiibli races” in Spain.


“Peasant, single, looking for…” Court lady Olga turned the heads of the two farmers.


Berit-Silja GründlersEditor People

Olga (40) did not like the farmer Karl (50) and there is no spark between the smart farmer Hans (67) and his lady-in-waiting Pia (62). And yet it seems that the luck of Olga, who lives in Spain and retirees from Appenzell, will still be with them. At an event during the filming of “Bauer, single sucht…” Hans met his competitor’s lady-in-waiting and things clicked.

Olga tells Blick: “Hans is such a funny guy, fresh and bright. You just want to be with someone like that. Nothing can be said about that. I just noticed him. We talked and were sympathetic.” That’s how the farmer sees it, too. When asked what he liked so much about Karl’s lady-in-waiting, Karl quickly had an answer – with an expression of his own: “Well, everything! Olga is a posh Wiibli! It’s not easy to get back to find such a woman.’

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