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Do you like the look of a country house or are you more of a minimalist? We will tell you which style of furniture goes with which type.

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Interior designThis interior style suits you best

Bohemia, minimalism or seaside granny? We’ll show you eight device styles—and the type of person who feels most comfortable there.

Trends come and go, but good interior design is timeless – and so is your taste. But if you’re looking for inspiration to decorate your home, then it helps to have an overview of the most common (and currently most popular) decorating styles. This makes it much easier to assemble a harmonious interior.

Here we show you eight interior design styles and tell you who they suit.

Bohemian: For hippies and free spirits

Do you like to go barefoot and like warm, earthy tones and lots of different textures? Do you like plants and natural materials? Then the bohemian style is right for you: This style of furnishing is meant to convey a carefree and adventurous spirit and is characterized by warm tones and many different types of textiles.

Mid-Century Modern: For lovers of the classics

Mid-Century Modern describes a style that was particularly popular between 1945 and 1969 – and produced some of the most famous classics in the world of design, such as Eero Saarinen’s Tulip Chair or the Eames Lounge Chair. This design is very classic and features clean lines and natural shapes. But beware: the whole apartment in Mid-Century Modern quickly looks a little old-fashioned.

Industrial: For fans of dark bricks

This style is based on the work environment of early industrialization: This includes desks, dark colors, industrial furniture, exposed brick walls and lots of metal. Old factory halls serve as inspiration, which is why this style is especially suitable for lofts and large rooms. Industrial often looks very hard and rustic, but it can be refined very nicely with copper elements and leather.

Coastal Granny: For Old Souls

Date Coastal Grandma it’s new, but the style isn’t: Also known as nautical or coastal, it’s based on New England beach houses — and the movie “What Your Heart Desires” with Diane Keaton. She lives in a beach house full of warm white tones, lots of linens, blue accents and nautical decor. If you want to spend your days with leisurely walks, tea and knitting, you will definitely feel comfortable here.

Farmhouse: For nature-loving dreamers

The appearance of the farm is based on the farmhouses of Provence or the typical chalet chic and is also referred to as cottage core or country house style. This includes a lot of wood, a lot of flowers (preferably dried) and rather muted tones of white, beige, brown, orange and red. Floral prints or classic plaid patterns ensure a cozy, natural atmosphere.

Shabby Chic: For vintage fans

Shabby chic intentionally accentuates old or vintage furniture to create a sort of flea market feel. This style is particularly characterized by furniture that is prone to peeling paint or other signs of wear and textiles that are perceived as imperfect, such as wrinkled linens. The classic colors are white and pastel, but pink and green also go well with this style.

Maximalism: For loud and cheerful people

If you can never decide on a style or color, then this is it maximalism made for you There can always be a little more to this style. A little more color, a little more pattern, a little more detail. Maximalism is loud and happy, but it can also quickly become messy.

Minimalism: For quiet purists

Empty surfaces, straight lines, simple color concepts: minimalism is something for people who need a tidy environment to feel good. This style avoids clutter and instead relies on minimal decor and good lighting to add contrast.

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