This manufacturer is the most valuable car brand in the world

Neither Tesla nor Mercedes at the top

It is the most valuable car brand in the world

Few other industries are currently in as much turmoil as the automotive industry. It’s about digital worlds, future customers and the rapid transition to the electric era. Two manufacturers are fighting their way into the top ten most valuable brands in the world.


As in the previous year, Apple, here with a campus in Cupertino (USA), is the most valuable brand in the Best Global Brands Report 2022 – followed by Microsoft, Amazon and Google.


Andreas EngelAuto & Mobility editor

International automakers have been investing billions for years to get themselves in shape for the coming years and decades. Combustion engines will play a secondary role in most international markets in the future – in the medium term, the question of buying a car should also be resolved. In many markets, it will be replaced not only by leasing and financing, but also by car subscription models and long-term rentals for younger customers, especially in big cities. At the same time, the big car manufacturers are working hard to become real high-tech corporations in order to develop new business models based on the Google model.

Tesla with big growth

Today, however, car companies are still unable to catch up with the world’s leading market players: As in the previous year, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world in Interbrand’s Best Global Brands Report 2022 – followed by Microsoft, Amazon and Google. After all, Tesla in 12th place with an increase of 32 percent is one of the three brands with the biggest growth of all.

Mercedes is not the 8th most valuable car brand, but it is the only group from Europe in the top ten. “Mercedes-Benz’s renewed ranking in 8th place and the double-digit increase in brand value to more than 56 billion US dollars confirm our strategic direction of defining the sustainable luxury of the future, with an even greater focus on our customers and every point of contact with our Shaping the brand as a unique experience ,” says Mercedes marketing manager Bettina Fetzer with satisfaction.

And the winner is…

Just ahead of Mercedes, the Toyota group took sixth place. The Japanese, who were the world’s largest carmaker again last year with more than ten million cars produced, also secured the trophy for the most valuable car brand in 2022. BMW is the second German carmaker in 13th place, one place behind Tesla. The Japanese automaker Honda is in 26th place, Hyundai in 35th place and Audi in 46th place, which even managed to distance its parent Volkswagen in 48th place.

Despite strong electric tendencies and a wide model portfolio, Ford is only 50th and Porsche, despite its recent IPO, only 53rd Nissan (61st), Ferrari (75th), Kia (87th) and Land Rover it follows at 98th and subsidiary BMW Mini at 99th.

The power of brands

In total, the 100 most valuable brands from the Interbrands ranking in 2022 correspond to a total value of almost 3.1 trillion US dollars! This is not only an increase of 16 percent compared to 2021, but also the first ever jump over the three trillion dollar mark. Wacky: Interbrands’ top 10 brands, with a brand value of $1.65 trillion, are worth more than the remaining 90 brands combined, which have a brand value of $1.44 trillion. The top three brands alone account for 53 percent of the total value of $1.65 trillion.

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