This is why Gil Ofarim was part of “The Passion”

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April 14, 2022 – 11:40 am look

On April 13, RTL broadcast the big music event “Die Passion” – here the passion of Jesus was re-enacted and transported into the present with a host of stars and modern songs. As announced long ago, Gil Ofarim was also part of the cast of “Passion”. But the question arose online as to why the musician was still part of the production due to current events. We clarify.

What happens after the indictment by the prosecution?

At the end of March, the Leipzig public prosecutor filed a complaint against musician and actor Gil Ofarim. The 39-year-old is charged with false suspicion and defamation after claiming in October 2021 that an employee of the “Westin” hotel in Leipzig insulted him in an anti-Semitic way. At the end of March, the prosecutor’s office had however announced that the investigations against the hotel employee “had not led to sufficient suspicion”.

The regional court in Leipzig will decide in a few weeks whether to allow the proceedings against the musician. First, Gil Ofarim has an explanatory period during which the artist and his lawyers can comment. It is therefore not yet possible to predict whether or when a trial might take place.

Gil Ofarim is still part of the “Passion”

Gil Ofarim is presumed innocent until his conviction. That’s why the 39-year-old stayed in “La Passion”. The staging consisted, among other things, of feature films in which Gil Ofarim was seen as a disciple.

What is “The Passion”? Here is all the info!

After the pandemic-related cancellation over the past two years, RTL finally told the biggest story of all time on April 13. The modern portrayal of the last days of Jesus’ life was accompanied by modern pop hits and staged by well-known singers.

Here we show you which stars were there alongside Alexander Klaws as Jesus at the live music event on Burgplatz in Essen.

Where to watch “The Passion” online?

The big live musical event of the year, “La Passion”, can be seen online at any time on RTL+. You shouldn’t miss this!

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