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What to consider when eating fruit

Fruit is generally considered healthy, but some fruits offer more health benefits than others. Nutritionist Beth Red from Cleveland Clinic (USA) explains which fruits are particularly healthy, what are the benefits of consumption and what to consider when buying.

Blueberries not only support heart health

Blueberries contain a high amount antioxidantswho are known as fight free radicalswhich can damage cells and cause disease.

In addition, blueberries also contain many soluble ones fiberwhich lower cholesterol and healthy Omega-3 fatty acidswhich are beneficial for brain health.

Other healthy ingredients in blueberries are Vitamin C, vitamin K and manganesethe expert states in a press release.

According to a study, blueberries contribute to age-related memory loss reduce according to Czerwony.

And they help fight cancer, protect cells body while supporting heart healthexplains the expert with reference to another publication.

Raspberries provide antioxidants and fiber

Raspberries also contain many important nutrients and antioxidants in the form Polyphenolwhich reduce oxidative damage. Raspberries also contain a lot fiberwhich improve digestion, are beneficial for blood sugar and can help with weight loss.

In addition, raspberries also contain a lot of it Vitamin C, manganese and potassium. The fruits taste sweet, even if they are only relatives low sugar content According to Czerwona, this makes them ideal for eating on their own or adding to meals and smoothies.

Blackberries stabilize blood sugar levels

Blackberries are also among fruits with lowest sugar content and the most fiber. According to the expert, this combination is ideal for stabilizing blood sugar levels and helps suppress hunger, which can promote weight loss.

Blackberries also contain many of the healthy components found in blueberries and raspberries Antioxidants, vitamin C and manganese.

Oranges for the daily need of vitamin C

Organgens are particularly characterized by their high content Vitamin C known. Czerwony emphasizes that eating just one orange is enough to fully cover the recommended daily requirement of this important vitamin.

Vitamin C also strengthens it immune systemit is beneficial for the skin and bones and relieves muscle pain, explains the expert.

As for receiving oranges, so be it whole fruit associated with more benefits than drinking orange juice. For example, orange juice contains vitamin C not healthy fiberwhich a person receives by eating the whole fruit.

Apples offer a number of health benefits

Eating just one apple a day is associated with a reduced need for prescription drugs, Czerwony reports.

Apples can too improve heart healthReduce and get rid of asthma symptoms lower risk of cancer related, reports a nutritionist.

Star fruit is high in nutrients and low in calories

Finally, the expert recommends eating the so-called star fruit (carambola) to improve health. This exotic fruit not only looks interesting, but is in spite of it low in calories very nutritious and contains a lot healthy fiberso Red.

Two servings of fruit a day

In general, it is always better to include any fruit in your diet than not to eat any at all. For example, the German Society for Nutrition e.V. (DGE) recommends two portions of fruit a day.

What to consider when buying fruit

As for what makes fruit unhealthy, it has been proven that processing method and especially added sugar is a problem.

For example, when shopping packaged frozen berries check if they are added sugar contained, which makes the berries less healthy. In addition, care must be taken locally grown seasonal fruit because the freshest fruit has the highest nutritional value, Czerwony explains.

A lot too Dried Fruit they are additionally sweetened and lack of water also reduces them saturation effectwhich encourages you to consume more dried fruit, said the expert. Canned fruit they are often on their side Sugar syrup inserted.

In particular, the sugar content of the fruit and the size of the portions should be taken into account don’t consume too much sugar.

Combine fruit with protein-rich foods

According to Czerwona, the consumption of fruit should be included if possible proteins combined will. For example, it is advisable to eat fruit together with foods containing proteins such as yogurt or peanut butter consume. Such a combination offers many health benefits and will keep you full for a long time. (as)

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