These foods are scarce in supermarkets in Halle

Halle (Saale)/DUR/jsp – Even at the start of the corona pandemic, customers were still standing in front of empty supermarket shelves. The situation has become tense again since the outbreak of war in Ukraine. We took a closer look at the situation in Halle and visited four supermarkets north of Halle: Aldi, Edeka, Penny and Rewe.

The effects of the war in numbers

The effects are felt not only on food prices, but also on stocks. In the week following the start of the war in Ukraine, oil sales doubled and flour even tripled, the Federal Statistical Office announced. Delivery traffic jams and purchases of hamsters mean that many products are barely in stock, even if it is precisely these foods that are already rationed by supermarkets.

These products are currently rare in supermarkets in Halle:

  • cooking oil: The oil was one of the first products to become scarce in supermarkets. You can no longer find sunflower, rapeseed, germ or vegetable oil at Aldi, Edeka, Penny and Rewe in Halle. An exception is olive oil, which is always available in most supermarkets.
  • Flour: It’s the same with flour. Hopefully customers arrive at the right time and can still dust off a packet or two at most, but you’ll find empty shelves in most stores. Baking mixes, especially for bread, are also rare.
  • Zucker: Although sugar can still be found in most supermarkets, it is also strictly rationed. Sugar can only be bought in normal household quantities, which means two packs in most supermarkets.
  • Groats: Oatmeal was also in short supply in all four supermarkets. In particular, the own brands of the respective supermarkets were sold out, but the more expensive branded products were also in short supply.
  • Travel: With rice, the number of products affected by the shortage increases. Bulk rice packs are not available from Aldi, Edeka, Penny or Rewe. Only rice in a cooking bag, pre-steamed rice or rice pudding are still available for the moment. Compared to last year, 74% more rice was purchased during the week of March 7, Manager magazine reports.
  • Mustard: Bautzner mustard, particularly popular in the Orient, is currently almost impossible to find. Medium hot mustard from other brands was also completely sold out in supermarkets.
  • Milk: Milk is similar to sugar. Fresh and UHT milk was always available in supermarkets. At Penny, on the other hand, the UHT milk was already sold out. Although milk is not in short supply at the moment, store operators seem to fear panic buying and a subsequent shortage. At Rewe, milk is already rationed and only one box is given to each customer.

In Halle, toilet paper is hoarded again like in Corona times

  • Noodles: Especially where spelled products once stood, there is now only a gaping void. Inexpensive pasta types and organic pasta from supermarket own brands are also sold out, as are pasta types from the companies Riesa and Dorfmühle.
  • Toilet paper: The sight of empty shelves, where you would otherwise find toilet paper, is not unheard of since the Corona pandemic. These images are repeated today as toilet paper is once again out of stock in many supermarkets. This product is also subject to rationing and is only sold in normal household quantities.
  • Vanilla pudding: Some special products are also difficult to find in supermarkets. An example of this is Dr. Oetker’s Vanilla Flavored Pudding Powder. Other examples include potato chips from Lay, sunflower seeds, stews from Erasco, candy from Storck or storage jars from Spreewaldhof.

Supermarkets call on their customers for solidarity

Even though a lot of food has already had to be rationed, Edeka continues to appeal to the solidarity of buyers. A sign in front of the empty shelves reads: “Dear customers, show solidarity, buy in normal quantities for the household”.

This review can currently be found at Edeka.  Customers are requested to purchase only in normal household quantities.
This review can currently be found at Edeka. Customers are requested to purchase only in normal household quantities.

Photo: Sophie Pietzner

Federal Food Minister Cem Özdemir also called on citizens not to buy hamsters and stressed: “We have ensured the supply”.

Outrage over prices at Aldi-Süd

Some groceries are also becoming scarce in Aldi-Süd stores. Oil is hard to find and when there is, customers have to reckon with prices that are too high.

The price of sunflower oil at Aldi Süd has now climbed to an impressive 4.99 euros. A customer expressed his anger online and wrote on the company’s Facebook page: “This is unparalleled impertinence!”

Frustration over pricing is also being felt on Twitter. One user commented: “Seriously? How can this be allowed? Some mums get five bucks for a whole day (or two).”

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