These companies are boycotting Black Friday – that’s what they’re going to do instead

Not all companies participate in Black Friday. Some deliberately boycott the day, many make alternative offerings. We present some of them.

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Since Black Friday only started gaining traction in Switzerland in 2014, the day of discounts saw a rapid rise, with sales peaking in 2020 and 2021. But just as quickly, enthusiasm for it could level off again.

In the meantime, a boycott could even pay off for one company, at least in Switzerland. According to the survey, nearly 50 percent would actually prefer to cancel Black Friday. This conclusion was reached two years ago by the market research institute Demoscope on behalf of the online marketing company

epa08045990 YEARENDER NOVEMBER 2019....People buy televisions at a supermarket during a discount event on the eve of Black Friday in Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 28, 2019. EPA/Sebastiao More...

Such scenes are almost non-existent in Switzerland – despite the fast-growing hype around Black Friday – but every year they go around the world: people buy discounted televisions in Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 28, 2019.Image: EPA EFE

In another survey, expects Black Friday sales figures for Swiss providers to drop again this year after two record years. Reasons: increased cost of living due to inflation, the World Cup running concurrently and environmental reasons.

Thanks to this, the number of companies that want to swim against the tide and deliberately do not offer discounts – or at least their visibility – is increasing again. According to their own statements, many of these companies do this for environmental reasons. Instead, they offer other promotions to their customers.

A selection of the many Swiss companies that avoid the battle for discounts around Black Friday.


“We are changing Black Friday from the day of purchase to the day of exchange,” the company wrote on its website on Friday. Few things are less compatible with the circular economy, claims the bag manufacturer, whose principle is to make new bags from old materials.

Boycott Black Friday 2022: The Friday Web

This is what the Friday website looks like these days. Image: screenshot:

The company is therefore closing its online store on Friday, November 25. Instead, visitors would be redirected to a self-developed SWAP (“shopping without any payment”) global exchange platform. Freitag does not offer any discounts, instead organizing “swap events” in local stores around the world.


The young Swiss company Nikin has been committed to sustainability since its foundation: the Lenzburg-based clothing manufacturer promises to plant one tree for every product sold. As in previous years, Black Friday will once again turn into Green Friday, a sustainable alternative to the former.

tree crowns forest tree crown forst

According to its own statements, Nikin has planted over a million trees since its founding in 2016. (icon image)Image: shutterstock

No further discounts are offered, says Nikin’s Nora Willi when asked: “On Green Friday, we oppose overconsumption. This year too, we are planting two trees for every product sold instead of the usual one.”


The Swiss department store Jelmoli is boycotting Black Friday for the fourth time in a row. Instead, Jelmoli is involved in “Giving Tuesday.” The campaign deliberately wants to create a contrast to Black Friday, Singles Day and Cyber ​​Monday. On “Giving Tuesday”, private individuals, humanitarian organizations and companies collaborate on various fundraising campaigns.

People wearing breathing masks queue outside the Jelmoli department store to shop, pictured on Saturday, Dec. 19, 2020, in Zurich.  (KEYSTONE/Ennio Leanza)

Also this year there will be no crowds in Jelmoli for Black Friday discounts: people are queuing at the end of 2020 and during the Corona restrictions in Zurich. Image: keystone

“During the peak consumption period of the year, Jelmoli stands against ‘overconsumption’ and for solidarity and social commitment,” the department store wrote in a statement.

On Friday, Jelmoli donated five francs to Insieme21, an association for relatives of people with Down syndrome, for every purchase of CHF 50 or more.


Outdoor outfitter Transa also wants nothing to do with Black Friday: “Transa has not been involved in Black Friday for years out of conviction. We warn social networks to consume less,” says Jenny Zehnder from Transa when asked.


The Swiss company Oy is also taking a stand against Black Friday: the yoga and surf equipment manufacturer closes its online store on Friday and asks for a donation instead.

“The Clean Ocean Project is organizing a beach clean-up on the north coast of Fuerteventura on November 25th. If you are on the island, please go and help. Use the campaign and the day to stand up against Black Friday,” Oy writes on social media. For each donation to the project, Oy adds another euro.


Care products manufacturer Soeder joined Freitag’s call (“We are the resisters!”) and a joint statement against Black Friday. “We are boycotting Black Friday again this year and doing ‘business as usual,'” Deborah Jeggli told Watson. In addition, you want to inspire your customers to consume consciously and, above all, to replenish.

“Of course, we sometimes discount at Soeder. If the product is discarded, we sell it cheaper, as well as there is a risk of exceeding the sell-by date. But we don’t believe in a discount for the sake of a discount. Everything we sell has a manufacturing cost. These in turn lead to a price. Therefore, “Black Friday” is completely incompatible with our philosophy, also because drastic price reductions lead to customers buying things that, on closer inspection, they don’t even need. We reject this for reasons of sustainability.”

Soeder company in a press release

Soeder’s concept includes, for example, selling glass soap dispensers and offering refills to customers.

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