These cell phone subscriptions are available, but they have one catch

Beware of shopping on Black Friday

Dealers sell cheap telecom subscriptions – with pitfalls!

Discounts, bargains, great deals – even with a mobile phone subscription! Some offers are also available throughout the year. There is also a threat of a minimum contract duration and price increases. Blick says what to look out for when buying a new mobile phone subscription next Friday.


Like Sunrise, many telcos are offering Black Friday promotions.

Milena Kälinová

Milena KälinováEditor Wirtschaft

On Black Friday, you can not only get cheaper mobile phones, but also subscriptions. Many cell phone subscription providers advertise through bargain day promotions. However, these are not always time-limited price hits.

“It’s worth striking at the right moment,” Oliver Zadori (39), founder of the comparison platform, tells Blick. His company, together with consumer protection, compared the offers of individual providers. Despite the promotional prices, customers should not rush into anything. “It’s important to think about exactly what you need for the offer,” says Zadori.

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