The war in Ukraine: America’s new system in the fight against kamikaze drones


The US has delivered eight US-Norwegian Nasam air defense systems to Ukraine.

The Russian army repeatedly attacks from the air. Putin’s troops are trying to destroy critical infrastructure in Ukraine using kamikaze drones and missiles. Power plants, oil and gas storage facilities and transport hubs are attacked by long-range fire. In particular, cheap drones from Iran are being launched in droves. And the Ukrainians have a problem shooting them all down.

Experts are of the opinion that the Ukrainian air defense was not adequately positioned from the beginning, as “Spiegel” writes. Systems like the Buk and S-300 are considered reliable, but lack sufficient quantities and long-term suitable ammunition. The sad balance in Ukraine: Russian airstrikes have already damaged more than a third of the electricity supply. The Ukrainian government is asking residents to save electricity as much as possible.

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