‘The Voice Kids’ Coach Lena: Song Errors in Battle for Ben – TV

Even professional musicians make mistakes sometimes…

At the final blind auditions for “The Voice Kids” on Friday night, not only were the remaining talents excited. Their coaches also worked hard to integrate the promising young singers into the team.

In the battle for jazz fan Ben (12), Lena Meyer-Landrut (30) made a small mistake.

The student has a lot of musical skills, plays the drums as well as the piano. But his great love is jazz. He gave a little sample Friday night. On stage, Ben performed “Wonderwall” by Oasis in a jazz version by Paul Anka (80).

The coaches did not expect such a number. The excitement was only greater. Alvaro Soler (31) and Lena quickly buzzed. Wincent Weiss (29) and the fans also turned around. Ben had convinced them all.

Lena was over the moon and praised her performance in the highest tones: “Such a beautiful voice, combined with this song in this special version, takes a lot of courage. In any case, it will be rewarded with a four-way buzzer. For Alvaro, it was clear: “You have understood what jazz means.

Advantage for him: He and Ben have the same favorite musician – superstar Phil Collins (71). The coach felt the chance to attract talent to his team and grabbed the guitar. “I could sing you something from Phil Collins. Lena wished she had the final say on song selection and asked politely, “Can I ask for something from Phil Collins?” How about “Can you feel the love tonight?”

It's heating up again for the coachesFoto: © SAT.1/Bastian Bochinski

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It’s heating up again for the coachesPhoto: © SAT.1/Bastian Bochinski

Here, however, the musician was mistaken and had to be enlightened by Alvaro: “It comes from Elton John. His colleague with a wink: “Lena, you’re out!” For Ben, the coach finally interpreted Phil Collins. hit the world “Another Day in Paradise” and added a “Ben, join my team” on the back.

Even fantasies had to admit: “Alvaro, you got it.” The pop star was rewarded for her efforts. In the end, Ben chose his team.

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