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Fans of casting show ‘The Voice’ had to swallow hard when fan favorite Lena Gercke (34) announced she was taking a break. In order to focus more on her own business, she stops as a presenter at “The Voice”.

A bitter loss not only for the viewers, but also for the show itself. With her good humor, GNTM winner Lena always delivered beautiful moments. your exit? This is not the only cancellation the ProSieben team has to deal with according to information from BILD.

BILD learned from production circles: Rapper and internet star Shirin David (27) donated a basket to broadcaster ProSieben.

Shirin David is one of Germany's most successful rappersFoto: Instagram

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Shirin David is one of Germany’s most successful rappersPhoto: Instagram

A production insider at BILD on the alleged plans: “She should be the new face of the jury. It would have given the show a new look.” But music superstar Shirin didn’t want to get involved.

Who is Shirin David? The musician is one of the most successful artists in the country! Every day, the Berliner provides six million Instagram followers with insight into her life and music. As a singer and rapper, she has released several number one hits, including “Give him” and “I dare do that.”

More recently, she proved that she had a good flair as an entrepreneur, releasing a blockbuster with her own tea brand “Dirtea”. On television, she attracted many young viewers in 2017 as a juror on “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” alongside Dieter Bohlen. Last year she was a guest on the ProSieben show “Who steals the show from me?”, which had the highest ratings with her at the time.

A fresh coat of paint can’t really harm the show: after the departure of presenter Lena Gercke, according to information from BILD, the juror is also shaking Sarah Connor (41 years old) because she is currently on a big tour. Connor’s concerts last all summer, until the beginning of September, she is on stage.

Presumed wish of the producers: Shirin David should fill this void in the new season. But if she won’t, who will?

In the search for alternatives, the makers seem a little without prospects: in addition to Mark Forster and Rea Garvey, who also sat on the last jury “The Voice” in 2021, according to information from BILD, the singer and ex-juror of Silbermond Stefanie now returns Kloß (37) in conversation.

The 2021 Jury: (Vl) Nico Santos, Johannes Oerding, Sarah Connor and Mark ForsterFoto: Britta Pedersen/dpa

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The 2021 Jury (left): Nico Santos, Johannes Oerding, Sarah Connor and Mark ForsterPhoto: Britta Pedersen/dpa

Stefanie Kloß (middle) was part of “The Voice” family in 2020Foto: ProSiebenSAT.1 / Richard Hübner

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Stefanie Kloß (centre) was part of The Voice family in 2020, pictured here with Yvonne Catterfeld and Mark ForsterPhoto: ProSiebenSAT.1 / Richard Huebner

The 2021 “The Voice” finale took place in December, a start date for the new 2022 season has yet to be announced. Shirin David has so far left a BILD request unanswered.

A ProSieben spokeswoman commented on BILD on Wednesday afternoon: “Sarah Connor is taking a break.” Means: The singer is NOT part of the new 2022 season! Certainly another defeat for all fans of the series – and the pop star!

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